Fireworks - They're not Just for July 4th

It's hard to beat the spectacular sights and sounds of a fireworks display. Most adults can remember watching fireworks at picnics and parades as a child to celebrate American's Independence Day -- July 4th. They're part of our American tradition and bring back feelings of fond nostalgic events.

Bu the excitement of fireworks doesn't have to be reserved only for July 4th celebrations. There are events happening all year long that are cause to break out the fireworks.

New Year’s - January 1st - Ring in the new year with a round of firecrackers or light up the night with some rockets or sparklers. According to some traditions fireworks are believed to ward off evil spirits. So what better way to start the new year then chasing off the bad energy and making way for nothing but good in the new year.

Chinese New Year’s - Since fireworks were supposedly created in China in makes sense they would be included in this celebration.

Halloween - All hallows eve is a time when ghosts lurk around each corner, vampires prey on the unsuspecting, werewolves run wild, and your neighbors children all beg for candy. In other words, the perfect time for fireworks.

Festivals - There are thousands upon thousands of festivals in the world each year. Here's a sampling of a few:

  • Music festivals
  • Shrimp festivals - And any other type of food you can think of including peanuts, ribs, and corn.
  • Religious celebrations
  • Holiday festivals
  • Mardi Gras
  • Rodeos
  • Heritage and cultural festivals
  • LGBT festivals
  • Arts and Crafts festivals
  • Nature and pagan festivals
  • Beer festivals - sometimes known as Oktoberfest
  • Film festivals
  • Renaissance or Medieval festivals
  • Storytelling festivals
  • Winter festivals
  • Wine festivals

Parades are also a perfect time for fireworks. Marching bands, floats, and fireworks all go together like apple pie and ice cream.

Theme parks such as Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida use aerial fireworks as part of their spectacular evening display. They are currently the largest consumer of fireworks in the United States.

Sporting events are another popular time to use fireworks. An after the game display can bring in more spectators and assure they stay longer.

The Kentucky Derby starts their racing events with a fireworks show.

Sometimes people enjoy fireworks for their own personal celebrations. These can include weddings, family reunions, and birthdays.

The problem with using fireworks is that many fireworks sellers are only opened around the Fourth of July and then close until a week before New Years.

The solution to this problem can be found with companies such as ours at Galaxy Fireworks. We are open year round at various locations. If you're not close to our Main Stores geographically you can still shop among our local tents across the state.  You can check the locations near you by going here.

Galaxy Fireworks sells fireworks throughout the year and has a wide variety of products. You can view videos of their fireworks at their web page. If you're unsure of the type of fireworks you need for you event you can give them a call and see what they would recommend for your celebration.
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