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Using Variety with Fireworks

Fireworks can be a great addition to any celebration. More often than not, it’s even the main event. When having a party or celebration and fireworks are your main focus of the evening, you want to be sure and get as much bang for your buck as possible. You don't want the fun to end too quickly.

Consider how long your party is going to be, and how much of that time you want to spend using fireworks. A fireworks display can end very quickly, if you’re not careful. It’s important to use both timing and variety to keep things from ending too fast or being too dull.

One of the best ways to stretch out your fireworks experience is to buy all different types of fireworks. Variety is the best option when planning your display. Some people make the mistake of picking out only their favorite type of firework, and just buying a whole bunch of that kind. Then, when it’s time to shoot them off, you just start blasting away and soon they’re all gone. That, or you get bored.

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Top Holidays for Fireworks Displays All Over the World

Nothing is more exciting than watching an awesome display of fireworks. The explosive sounds, the sparkling colors, the night sky filled with a spectacular light show.

But where can you go to find amazing fireworks shows all over the world?

Washington D.C. on the 4th of July. It’s hard to beat the fireworks display celebrating the independence of America. The best place to watch this show? From your boat on the Potomac. But it’s still fun if you’re watching at home on your big screen television.

In Tondabayashi, Osaka, Japan over 800,000 spectators attend a festival each year to play games, eat and drink from the many vendor stands, and watch the huge fireworks display. There are over 200 festivals in Japan each August that feature fireworks.

Singapore Fireworks Celebration takes place in August and is part of their National Day festivities. Over 9,000 rounds of fireworks were launched in 2006 and it grows larger each year. There are plans to make the displays a competition.

Cinco De Mayo - May 5th - In America, this day celebrates the contribution of those of Mexican ancestry.

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